This article will explain what you can do if you are affected by Financial Hardship.

Definition of Financial Hardship

Adam Internet defines financial hardship as:

A situation where a customer is unable, reasonably, because of illness, unemployment or other reasonable cause, to discharge their financial obligations under their contract with the supplier and the customer reasonably expects to be able to discharge those obligations if payment and/or service arrangements were changed. Financial hardship can be of limited or long term duration.

Adam Internet Credit Team

In times of genuine hardship, we understand that customers and/or their financial counsellor deserve easy access to empathetic and skilled staff. Adam Internet will endeavour to provide this service by training all Credit staff to correctly identify customers who are dealing with financial hardship.

At Adam Internet, we expect our Credit Team to act with compassion and sympathy, whilst still managing to meet business requirements. The Credit Team is also required to accept reasonable payment arrangements, taking into account each customer's individual circumstances.

Identification of a Customer Experiencing Financial Hardship

Adam Internet considers financial hardship a state that involves a customer's inability to pay bills, rather than an unwillingness to do so. Customer hardship can arise from a variety of situations, and can be of either limited duration or long term.

Common causes of financial hardship include, but not limited to:

Situations where a customer is simply experiencing temporary payment difficulties would not necessarily make a customer eligible for assistance under the Financial Hardship Policy.

Financial Hardship Assessment

To assess applications for Financial Hardship assistance Adam Internet may require customers to complete Financial Hardship Application and Statement of Financial Position forms and provide documents such as medical certificates, evidence of termination of employment (for example a Separation Certificate or Centrelink advice) or evidence of new employment and potential future income.
Submit all information via:
                Post:       The Finance Team
                                Adam Internet
                                GPO Box 121
                                Adelaide  SA  5001

                Fax:        (08) 8231 0223

Hours of operation:  Monday to Friday 9am – 5.30pm.  Telephone:   (08) 8423 4002.

If the information provided is not sufficient to make an assessment of eligibility Adam Internet may contact the customer by telephone to discuss any matters which will assist achieve the best outcome for both parties.  Where the requested information is not provided an assessment may not be made.  The provision of false or incomplete information may result in Adam Internet cancelling any Financial Hardship arrangement.

The customer has an obligation to promptly advise Adam Internet if their circumstances or contact details change during the term of the Financial Hardship arrangement.

Customers who have chosen to transfer all their services to another provider but still have an outstanding balance with Adam Internet are ineligible for Financial Hardship consideration.

Reaching a Financial Arrangement

The agreed financial solution should meet the following criteria:

The repayment should be sufficient to cover expected future use of the service (as adjusted to ensure the customer's financial position does not worsen over a reasonable period of time).

The arrangement should provide a continued reduction of debt at a reasonable level (i.e. the customer should not be going into future debt under the arrangement).

Upon request or suggestion, we will restrict your services. This includes, but not limited to,

Financial Counselling Services

In times of need there are many fantastic organisations that can offer assistance. The following organisations are in no way affiliated with Adam but might be the help you need:


Uniting Care Wesley Adelaide 08 8202 5180 (Referral to a financial counsellor)

Northern Community Legal Service: 08 8281 6911

South Australian Financial Counsellors Association

Relationships Australia (SA)


Consumer Action Law Centre: 03 9629 6300
Legal advice for the public: 03 9629 6300 / 1800 466 477,
Legal advice for consumer caseworkers: 03 9602 3326

MoneyHelp: 1800 007 007
Not-for-profit Victorian Government service providing free, confidential financial counselling for Victorians experiencing job loss or reduced working hours.


Financial Rights Legal Centre Credit and Debt Hotline: 1800 007 007

Financial Counsellors' Association of New South Wales: 1300 914 408


Care Financial Counselling Service: 02 6257 1788

Salvation Army Financial Counselling: 02 6247 3635

Lifeline gambling and financial counselling: 02 6247 0655


Financial Counselling Hotline: 1800 007 007

Consumer Credit Legal Service: 08 9221 7066

Financial Counsellors Association of Western Australia: 08 9325 1617


Anglicare Financial Counselling Service: 1800 243 232

Consumer Credit Helpline, Hobart Community Legal Service: 1800 232 500

Relationships Australia Tasmania: 1300 364 277


Financial Counsellors Association of Queensland: 1800 007 007


Financial Counselling Hotline: 1800 007 007

Somerville Community Services
Darwin 08 8920 4100
Katherine 08 8972 5100
Palmerston Financial Counselling Centre 08 89316200

Anglicare NT Financial Counselling
Ludmilla Head Office: 08 8985 0000
Katherine Financial Counselling Service: 08 8963 6100
Nhulunbuy Financial Counselling Service: 08 8939 3400
Alice Springs Financial Counselling Service: 08 8951 8000

Tangentyere Council Financial Counselling Service
Telephone 08 8951 4257

Alternatively visit for more information.

How to find out more

For more information on Adam Internet's Financial Hardship Policy, please email, or call us on (08) 8423 4002.

How long will the assessment take?

Your assessment will be reviewed by our empathetic and skilled credit team within 7 business days.

Your privacy is our priority

If you are facing financial difficulties you may be required to provide some sensitive information, this may include:

Our staff are experienced in treating matters of financial hardship with understanding and sensitivity, and your privacy will remain our utmost concern. All information will be kept confidential and in accordance with the privacy provisions of the Privacy Act 1988.