Adam Internet, a subsidiary of iiNet Limited, started from humble beginnings as a Bulletin Board Service over 25 years ago, to become one of the most reliable Internet Service Providers (ISP) in Australia, with a proud history of supporting the local Australian community.

Taking advantage of iiNet’s global network and world-leading customer service teams, Adam Internet offers high-quality Internet, phone and Fetch TV products to customers all across Australia, while providing top-notch, 24/7 customer service support from teams of skilled sales, billing and technical support staff.

Adam Internet’s parent company iiNet has a long history of being a challenger in the Australian telecommunications market, and is a global leader in customer service, winning dozens of awards for providing an awesome experience for customers since its founding in 1993.

iiNet is serious about doing its part to help the local community through a variety of initiatives, sponsorships, and community partnership programs across Australia. For the latest updates from iiNet, we invite you to browse its recent releases and media announcements about its activities nationwide.