The web address for all Adam Internet customer's personal webspace has now changed and the old web address will become redundant as of 25 June, 2009.

Previously, personal webspace was located at, which is now After 25 June a holding page will inform you to update your bookmarks with the new address.

Customers using personal webspace are required to reflect this change when uploading files via FTP. For instance, the "host" location will need to be changed to "". Your username and password remain the same and customers using may continue to do so.

All content hosted on prior to Monday 25 May, 2009 has been moved to the new address. However, any new content uploaded to the old address after 25 May will not be reflected on and should be moved manually.

Please note that the hit counter previously available for the old personal webspace has been removed, providing room to incorporate your own html hit counter at, if you so choose. Simply Google "html hit counter" for some suggestions.*

Each Adam Internet customer account is provided with 50 MB free personal webspace. To activate your personal webspace, log in to the Members Services Area via and select "Webspace Manager" from the left-hand side menu under "Members Toolbox" and follow the instructions.

* html hit counters are not supported by Adam Internet.