Adam Port Manager

Adam Internet have released new options in the Members Services Area to help you manage the security of your internet connection. The Adam Port Manager will allow you to block internet traffic on several outbound and inbound ports that are commonly exploited by trojans and viruses.

Initially the Adam Port Manager will allow you to block outbound port 25 which is the SMTP port used by viruses to send unsolicited spam emails. Port 25 will be blocked by default for AdamAnyG customers from Thursday 4th November 2010 and for other residential customers soon after. Port 25 can be unblocked through the Port Manager available here:

Please Note: Blocking port 25 will not affect any mail sent through and will not affect standard email setups. It is recommended that you leave port 25 blocked for security purposes.

Additional port blocking options will be added over time and will be available through the Port Manager.