Managing Director's Comments

Welcome back to the latest Newsbytes, Adam Internet’s way of updating customers with the latest happenings from within our business.

I am pleased to report we are servicing more South Australians than ever before as our business continues to grow. To ensure we are meeting the increasing demands on each department within the business, in the past 12 months we have increased our staff numbers by nearly 25 per cent and now employ more than 160 people. Growing demand also resulted in the business nearly doubling the size of our local call centre which houses our dedicated sales and support staff. This expansion will ensure Adam Internet maintains a  high level of customer service and continues to minimise the call response times across the business.  

In March,  Adam Internet rolled out quota increases of up to 100% across all ADSL customer  accounts. Now AdamHome, AdamNaked and AdamDirect services have more monthly quota, meaning customers can get more out of their internet experience.

Other recent developments in the business include the continued rollout of the AdamMax network. Now one third of the way through the tower activations, we are lighting up homes in broadband blackspots across the northern and southern suburbs.

On a final note, Adam Internet continue to lead the way in disaster recovery for businesses in South Australia with the Adam Data Centre welcoming a raft of new corporate and Government customers.

That’s all from me but please read on and enjoy the rest of the company updates.

Scott Hicks
Managing Director

Happy Adam Internet Customers

The results of two ISP industry surveys were released in early 2010 which indicated that Adam Internet customers are happy with the products and services they receive. Further to that good news, a recent Whirlpool survey indicated that 96% of customers rated Adam as having good or great customer service, making Adam Internet one of the highest rated ISP’s in this category. (Whirlpool is an independent forum website with the latest on broadband news and information. For more information on Whirlpool, visit

We were also very pleased to hear that over 95% of our customers said they would recommend Adam to friends and family. So what better time to remind everyone about AdamRewards - the easiest way to save 25%+ on your monthly internet bill. There are no limits to how many people you can refer, so the more people you recommend the more you can save, so why not refer your family and friends today to start saving!

Updates to the Adam Internet Website

We have updated the Technical Support section of our website making it easier for customers to configure hardware and better understand the features offered. In this update we have created new “Technical Support Guides” and a “Hardware Profiles” page.

Technical Support Guides
This section features a wide range of self-help guides to assist you in configuring your equipment. The technical support guides offer help on connecting your hardware, configuring it to get online, setting up devices for AdamTalk and setting up a Wireless LAN. You can use these guides at any time and all guides are available in printer friendly formats so you can configure your devices even when you aren't online. Simply select the Adam Internet service you are currently using, find the hardware you received when you signed up and select the appropriate guides.

The Technical Support Guides can be found at:

Hardware Profiles
You can now view information about the hardware offered with Adam Internet plans to help you decide which best suits your needs. The Hardware Profile pages contain information on the features and specifications of each device, with detailed images indicating the ports on the device and a description of the status lights.

You can find the Hardware Profiles at:

Adam Internet's iPhone App

The Adam Internet iPhone App provides access to a number of links, offering a range of features from checking and comparing account usage to accessing news and digital radio streams.

Using the Adam Internet iPhone App, customers will be able to:

To ensure the security of your account information, the App uses a token verification system. The token verification system is accessible by selecting 'Token Manager' in the left hand navigation menu in the Members Services Area. The token verification system will also allow a user to view multiple Adam Internet accounts simultaneously making it easy to monitor a number of accounts without having to change your login details through the App.

The Adam Internet iPhone App is now available to download for free through the App Store on your iPhone or alternatively you can download through the iTunes Store on your computer. For either method simply search ‘Adam Internet’. The App can also be accessed online at

*Please note to access the Apple App store on your iPhone you will need to have already established an iTunes account and have your user name and password ready. To find out how to set up an iTunes account visit

Adam Internet PandaCam live to the world

On 20th April 2010 Adam Internet in partnership with the Adelaide Zoo launched Australia’s first PandaCam to the world! Using cameras mounted in the two Giant Panda enclosures, Adam Internet worked with the Zoo to facilitate live streaming of Wang Wang and Funi to broadcast their lives to the world via the Internet.

This live feed is a window into the fascinating behaviours of this symbolic endangered species. Best of all, the streaming is available to Adam Internet customers as unmetered content, which means the data used to watch the streams doesn’t count towards your monthly quota! To watch Adelaide Zoo’s favourite residents, log onto and follow the links to Adam Internet PandaCam.

Adelaide Zoo customer competition

To celebrate our new partnership with the Zoo, we are giving away 5 Family Passes to the Adelaide Zoo. To enter, simply email telling us in 25 words or less what you love most about the Giant Pandas, Wang Wang and Funi. Competition closes 5pm Monday 31st May 2010 with winners being drawn Wednesday 2nd June 2010 and contacted via the email address connected to their Adam Internet account on the same day.

Remember to include your Adam Internet customer ID or username in your email entry.

Review from Animal Welfare League

Adam Internet was proud to show their support for the Animal Welfare League by being one of the first corporations to take up an AWL Kennel Sponsorship. Adam Internet has led by example and we are pleased to report many businesses are now supporting the AWL through similar initiatives.

By sponsoring kennels, Adam Internet has made it possible for the AWL to provide food, bedding, health/vet checks and vaccinations to all animals that stay in the kennel before adoption.

An example of an animal that has benefited from Adam Internet’s sponsored kennel is 4 year old Jack Russell Terrier Cross, LESTER (pictured left). He has been at the AWL since February 2010 and is currently looking for a new home.

The AWL has seen an increasing amount of animal lovers use the kennel sponsorship as a memoriam for a loved one or something as simple as a birthday gift, with many people asking for donations to the AWL ‘in lieu of gifts’. With the sponsorship of an AWL kennel, a plaque is placed on the kennel which serves as a yearlong reminder of their generosity.

The AWL is a not-for-profit organisation that receives no government funding, so caring for the 20,000 lost and abandoned animals each year demands the support of corporations such as Adam Internet to assist with fundraising.

The animals don’t choose to be there, but Adam Internet chose to help make the lives better for thousands of lost and abandoned animals at the AWL. If you are interested in adopting a pet or taking up a sponsorship please call us on 8348 1300 or visit AWL online

Tablet Review

Ever since Apple announced the iPad, there has been an explosion in the market for multi-touch tablet PCs. A tablet PC is essentially a laptop without a keyboard, utilising a touch-screen instead to navigate webpages and perform its various functions, with a handful of specific purposes in mind, rather than being a jack-of-all-trades like a standard PC or laptop.

Apple iPad
The iPad is a multi-touch device featuring a large 9.7” screen with a powerful PC-like screen resolution of 1024x768 and is only half an inch thick. The iPad features Bluetooth and WiFi as well as utilising the iPod docking cable for connectivity. A 3G model will also be released with connection speeds of up to 7.2mbps, equal to that of your average wireless internet dongle. The Apple iPad will start at A$629 and is scheduled for release in Australia on 28 May

Sony Dash
The Dash is a little different to the iPad, working more like an internet radio. A wedge shaped unit with a 7” touch-screen, the Dash provides up-to-the-minute news, weather and traffic reports as well as applications for Facebook and Twitter amongst others including Sony content such as movie trailers and music videos. The Dash uses WiFi to connect, but is restricted in that it does not contain an onboard battery. While being less versatile than the iPad, the Dash retails at only $199USD but unfortunately we are yet to hear whether it will be sold in Australia.

Microsoft Courier
Still under development, the Courier sports a book-type design, using dual 7” multi-touch screens, each with their own separate uses and interactivity to provide a creative platform for projects, sorted into diaries which can be published online. While details are still scarce, with no solid release date set, the Microsoft Courier is looking like one of the more innovative tablet PCs to come along.

As you can see, there are a lot of options out there, all of them specific to a particular need. With the growing appeal of touch-screen phones and now the release of the iPad, and soon the Microsoft Courier, there will no doubt be a multi-touch device out there which is just right for you.

Networking your home

With households utilising more and more online devices, networking all of these together can be a daunting task and many people aren't aware of the full potential of some of these devices which can have the ability to share music, play games together or even control appliances in your home! Here are a few of the simplest ways to get around networking in your home.

LAN (Local Area Network)
Ethernet cable is a simple way of connecting any device with an Ethernet port, such as routers or modems, to a device without you needing to install or set up any software. You can also run Ethernet cable as long as you like without getting any loss in speed. You will need to consider the external nature of the Ethernet cables and ensure they are kept tidy and out of the way..
Ethernet cable costs between $19 and $28 for 30m and comes in various lengths.

WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network)
More commonly known as 'Wireless', WLAN is a network broadcast from within a wireless modem or router over a moderate distance, allowing any device with wireless capability  to detect it, just like the wireless internet available at public ‘hotspots’. You'll need to ensure that your Wireless network is secured with a password to ensure people nearby can't access you connection. One drawback is that the wireless signal may not work well in multiple storey buildings, or through thick walls.
The Netcomm NB6plus4W provides WLAN broadcasting capabilities and retails at $159.50 RRP.

Ethernet over Power
Ethernet Over Power kits are plug-like devices which use the internal electrical wiring of your house like Ethernet cable, using your power points. The device allows you to network several PCs, gaming consoles or other devices to a modem as well as to one another at high speed, regardless of thick walls or multiple storey housing. You may also need to consider the space required for the units to operate on an average 2 socket power point before selecting this option.
The Netcomm NP285 retails at $179.30 RRP, while the faster Netcomm NP201AV retails at $239.00 RRP.

Data Ports
A more permanent solution to internal networking is having Ethernet points installed in your house. Wired internally in the walls with internal Ethernet cable, they allow fast and simple networking without the need to have cables lying around the house. Data Ports are a relatively cost efficient investment which will make networking media devices in your home simple and clutter free.
Cost for Data Port installation is approximately $120 and is available through most electricians.

With so many options for home networking it really comes down to what will be commercially viable for your own situation.

Restaurant Reviews

Nano Ready 2 Go - Quick bite to eat
23 Ebenezer Place, Adelaide
Mon-Fri 7.30am-4pm, Sat-Sun 8.30am-4pm. Check for dinner times Fri

Nano' used to be on Hutt Street and although some diehards believe it should have remained there we tend to like the convenience of the new location. The new Nano is tucked just behind Rundle St. on Ebenezer Place, there's always somewhere to sit, the tables outside aren't wobbly, it's airier, it's brighter, it's attracting all types of lovely clientele. Most importantly there is more room for Pizza! The Napoletana is a revelation. Nano is a great place for a coffee and a quick bite to eat or better yet, a nice place in the inner CBD to catch up with friends.

Au Matin Calme (In the Morning Calm)
210 Hutt St, Adelaide
7 days, 8am-5pm

Down on Hutt Street, amongst a backpacker’s hostel, a guest house and cafes with various levels of misguided pomp, there rests a subtle and understated sign that reads 'patisserie'. What hits you is the peace - not a stool in site, no stainless steel to be found and no techno music, just mellow tunes without the expectation that you'll be downing that latte in upright discomfort before heading off to your daily grind. This is the kind of place where you wake at midday and head there for a lemon tart (highly recommended) and a nice long black. A cafe reminiscent of South West France, just beautiful. The coffee even tastes like it does in Europe!

Wild Thyme
101-103 Melbourne St, North Adelaide
Mon-Fri 8am-5pm, Sat-Sun 8am-5pm

It might not be the coolest, but there is a strong belief that organic stuff really is better for us. It also might not be the cheapest, but that's where Wild Thyme comes in. Here, organics aren't just priced for people with bags of money. The smoked salmon roulade and real beef burger are completely organic, but won't cripple your piggy bank. This place also has ethics that extend from price to produce. Wild Thyme also doubles as a store, and stocks everything that you need to recreate the menu on sale for a reasonable price at home. So next time you're in North Adelaide we recommend you stop in and see for yourself. Your taste buds will thank you!

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