Adam Internet is now offering its residential ADSL customers the opportunity to register their own domain names, and Adam Internet will host this for free.

A domain name is the unique part of a web address that identifies a particular space on the Internet, such as the "" that takes you to the Adam Internet website when typed into a web browser.

Customers may register a domain name of their choice for an annual fee of $25* which remains yours to keep. Each domain comes with up to 10 personal email addresses hosted at no cost.**

One of the great benefits of registering a personal domain name is the ability to take your email address anywhere - even if you decide to switch Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

We have complete confidence in the quality of our products and services, and our decision to offer domain name registration is testament to Adam Internet’s ability to satisfy customers needs and our outstanding customer service.

Now, all Adam Internet account holders have the ability to establish personalised email addresses, such as – addresses which are owned by you, the customer.

To purchase your personal domain name, log in to the Members Services Area via the Adam Internet home page at and select "Domain Tools" from the left-hand side menu. Then, follow the instructions as prompted.

The ability to host your own website on your own domain will be added for just $5 per month in the near future.

* Not available for .AU domain names as these can only be registered by a business or organisation.

** This hosted service is designed for residential use only and not for businesses or organisations.

Important change to personal webspace

The web address for all Adam Internet customer's personal webspace will be changing in the near future.

At present, personal webspace is located at, which will change to

Customers using personal webspace will also be required to reflect this change when uploading files via FTP. For instance, the "host" location will need to change to ''. Your username and password will remain the same.

Once the change has occurred, a splash page will appear on providing a reminder that the webspace has moved and will redirect to the new web address at

All content currently hosted on personal webspace will be preserved.

Further notification will be provided closer to the change.

Each Adam Internet customer account is provided with 50 MB free personal webspace. To activate your personal webspace, log in to the Members Services Area via and select "Webspace Manager" from the left-hand side menu under "Members Toolbox" and follow the instructions.