From the Managing Director

With a busy 2010 behind us, we have started the year well with growth in both our staff and customer numbers. We continue to expand our networks, improve product offerings and activate more residential and business services. These activities combined have created a need to recruit new staff across all areas of the business. Adam Internet has brought in new talent in our sales, support and technical teams to ensure we continue to offer our customers premium service across the board.

As Adam Internet enters its 25th year employing over 200 South Australians, the business has cemented its place as a leader in the Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) industry. We are committed to remaining innovative and to strive to improve access to high speed broadband within South Australia by building and expanding robust networks that deliver premium connectivity and reliable data services well into the future.

Later this year we will be diversifying our product offerings and look forward to introducing our customers to the latest TV entertainment experience presented by fetchtv. We are encouraging customers to register their interest online to receive updates including content, features and information around the launch as we work through our current trial period. Stay tuned…

As part of our commitment to remaining at the top of the ISP game, we are busily working on a brand new website which will provide both new and existing visitors a premium browsing experience. We will also be refreshing our Members Services Area to improve the current account management facilities. The new site will be user friendly and packed full of new and useful features and is currently scheduled to launch early in the new financial year so watch this space.

In the meantime, smartphone users are reminded that they can manage their account anytime, anywhere. Simply download the free Adam App exclusively developed for business and residential customers, available through iTunes Store and the Android Marketplace.

On a final note I do want to thank all customers for their ongoing support and encourage everyone to continue to use our website to stay in touch and up to date with the latest happenings at Adam Internet.

Scott Hicks, Managing Director
Adam Internet



Strong uptake of services on the award winning AdamMax network continue with the fixed wireless technology providing coverage to broadband blackspots across metropolitan Adelaide. The network was completed at the end of 2010 and utilises a total of 59 pre-existing communications towers to infill broadband blackspots to meet and exceed national broadband connectivity levels in South Australia well ahead of the National Broadband Network rollout.

For those who are unfamiliar with the AdamMax product, it is a wireless ADSL2+ equivalent broadband service using WiMAX technology providing high speed connectivity to households and businesses in over 350 broadband blackspots across Adelaide. These blackspots previously had no ADSL access due to pair gain or RIM technology blockers or could only subscribe to low speed access or inferior services such as satellite. Stretching from Aldinga Beach in the south to Gawler in the north, our customers continue to provide excellent feedback on the performance of the network.

Not only benefiting residents living in broadband blackspots, AdamMax is a proven solution for businesses who previously struggled to gain a high speed connectivity using traditional technologies. Bone Timber is a local company benefiting from the innovative solution. Kim Parslow, Purchasing Manager for the Group is an advocate stating:

“Our AdamMax connection is much more reliable and faster than our previous connection. It has enabled us to process data quickly and easily. It has also reduced frustration caused by losing data and, more importantly, has reduced downtime within our business.”

If you know of a home or business struggling to achieve a fast connection through traditional technology, be sure to refer Adam Internet and AdamMax and for every successful referral you could earn an AdamReward of $25!

More choice for less

Since our last edition there have been a number of upgrades to our residential and business plans to ensure our customers can access fast, reliable connections for less. AdamEzyChoice continues to provide customers with fast ADSL2+ speeds and with an increase to the data allowances at the end of 2010, these plans are great value for money.

If you would like to check you are getting the most out of your broadband plan or have been considering an upgrade, visit our website to view your options. You can then upgrade your plan and account details or monitor your usage through the Members Services Area.


How to shop online safely

The internet opens us up to a global marketplace and as online shopping becomes more popular, it is important that our customers take care when purchasing goods or services online. Online shopping is something to be embraced, and, armed with the right knowledge, you can enjoy the limitless products and services available in the online world.

However there is still a large portion of the community who are avoiding taking the plunge due to the perceived dangers that loom. Managing Director, Scott Hicks identifies the main risks associated with shopping online as computer viruses that can be transmitted via emails, website and electronic greeting cards and thieves stealing your identity and financial information. Furthermore, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is so don’t fall into the trap of an online scam.

So what are the key things that online shoppers should know?

Scott Hick’s tips for safe online shopping:

Finally, the most important thing is to set strong passwords and change them regularly, particularly for online accounts, and then you’re free to shop online knowing you have taken the right precautions to protect yourself and your money.

Supporting South Australia

As a proud South Australian company, Adam Internet has strong ties back to the community that supports our business. Through a variety of donations and provisioning of in-kind services, we enjoy being able to give back to individuals, sporting bodies and community groups around the state.

From small not for profits through to iconic South Australian events such as the City to Bay Fun Run, we understand the importance of partnerships. So as we continue to support these great initiatives we wanted to point out a few associations to our customers which may be of interest

Adam Internet Speed Test

The newly launched Adam Internet Speed Test allows you, as an Adam Internet customer, exclusive access to test the speed of your broadband service.

The Adam Internet Speed Test is only accessible by Adam Internet customers and offers the best way to test your Internet Connection’s Speed. Not only will it give you nice, easy to read results but it will also log each result so that our Customer Service Team can assist you when you are dealing with a fault on your service.

Adam Internet recommends that you use our speed test over any other third party speed test site as third party speed test services may give incorrect results from time to time.

There are two ways you can get to speed test site:

  1. Type into your favourite web browser the following address –
  2. On the Adam Internet website click on the “Support” menu at the top and choose “Speed Test”

You should see the page below displayed (all you need to do is click “Begin Test”):

Adam Speed Test FAQ

What are "packets"?

The data that is sent over the Internet will vary in size; a website might have a lot of images or just be simple text. To allow this data to be transferred in a practical way, it is broken up into small chunks of data known as packets. The idea of sending packets is similar to sending someone a book via the postal system, except you send it to them page by page. Each time they receive a page of the book they add it to the pile in order. Once they have all the pages they can assemble them and read the book.

One reason for this is if a page of the book is lost, the other person could still read the book and get a very good idea of the story. If the whole book was sent and lost on the way then the other person wouldn't get to read any of the story. These pages being lost is known as packet loss.

Latency and Jitter Tests

The latency test, also known as a ping test, measures the time it takes for your computer to send a packet to a server and then to receive a response packet. This time depends on the speed and physical distance of the server from your computer. For the Adam Internet Speed Test, this is a high speed Adam Internet server. Latency is experienced as the "response time" of the connection but may not affect the transfer speed of the connection over a long duration. With latency, lower is better, but this number will never be zero.

Jitter measures the variation in response time for multiple successive latency tests. Ideally this number would be zero, meaning that every test gave the same latency time. Some small variation is expected, but the jitter time should be much less than the latency time.

Speed Test

This test measures the amount of data that can be transmitted over a given period of time. These are done in both directions to test both uploads and downloads. Your speeds will be determined by a number of factors, the first being the type of connection you are on.

I can’t seem to get the Adam Internet Speed Test Site to run, it says I need to update Java or Flash

Before running the Adam Internet Speed Test, it’s important that the software on your computer is up to date.
You can visit the Flash Player Site here to get the latest Flash Player Update:
You can visit the Java Site here to get the latest Java Update :

The results I get from the Adam Internet Speed Test Site seem to be wildly inaccurate and my Jitter / Latency Test fails

You may have a software firewall running on your computer that could be skewing the Speed Test results. Try temporarily disabling the software firewall on your computer and see if the results are fixed.