As part of one of its largest projects, the Electronic Patient Administration System (EPAS) Project, SA Health has announced a 10 year contract with Adam Internet for the provision of hosting services for the Project's core computing infrastructure.

28th September 2012 - Today, SA Health has announced the signing of a contract with Adam Internet to provide Data Centre services for the anticipated Electronic Patient Administration System (EPAS) for a term of 10 years.

The EPAS project will work towards one single point of access and one health record for all patients in the SA Health system. It will also provide services such as pharmacy management and innovative in-patient access to items such as electronic meal ordering and entertainment.

Adam Internet has been selected to replicate the State's primary Datacentre at Glenside. This includes the provision of data centre services, such as housing of the core infrastructure to ensure the system can manage and provide access to all the required data. This is a critical service to ensure successful data management and storage for EPAS.

Greg Hicks Executive Chairman of Adam Internet comments, "Adam Internet is thrilled to be part of such an important project for South Australia. This initiative not only puts the Government of South Australia and SA Health at the forefront of innovative care but will mean a far more efficient health care system for the future".

After a review of a range of service providers' offerings, SA Health selected Adam Internet. The Adam Data Centre is a purpose built, best in class facility, located outside of Adelaide CBD. Designed to the Uptime Institute's tier 3 specifications, the ADC provides a secure facility with superior provisions in place to protect against fire, power outages and flood.

Following the success of Stage 1 of the Adam Data Centre, Adam Internet is soon to announce the completion of Stage 2, a multi-million dollar expansion encompassing state of the art Data Centre and Business Continuation facilities. The specification of the Adam Data Centre was an important part of the decision by SA Health, as was Adam Internet's ability to scale and provide capacity for future requirements.

The production and primary infrastructure will be housed in the States Glenside Datacentre. Adam Internet has been selected to house the core infrastructure to provide and support the highly available environment required to ensure the system can manage and provide access to all the required data.

David Johnston, Executive Director, E-Health services, SA Health, "The EPAS project is an important initiative for the future of public health care in South Australia. This is a complex project that will only be a success if data management and storage is robust. SA Health is pleased to announce the signing of a contract with Adam Internet to provide this critical service."


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