Adam BusinessChoice and AdamMax Business

Adam Internet has revamped their business plans with Adam BusinessChoice and AdamMax Business providing simple solutions for reliable, high speed connectivity.

Business customers currently on ADSL upgrading to either product suite will take advantage of fast broadband speeds, more monthly data and most importantly, will save on their bottom line.

Key benefits of Adam BusinessChoice

Adam BusinessChoice includes a cost effective entry level option at $50 per month for 15GB right through to a 1000GB plan for more data hungry businesses.

Key improvements to AdamMax Business

With more router options, businesses can now adopt capabilities such as VPN, Firewall and Wireless G/N on the AdamMax network delivering a secure and flexible connection.

Customers migrating to the newest Adam BusinessChoice and AdamMax Business plans will continue to receive access to priority business support, no on/off peak quota, 15 email addresses, static IP and hot swap equipment option.

* Full plan details and product terms and conditions available at