Introducing AdamMax

Adam Internet is pleased to announce AdamMax, the largest rollout of WiMAX coverage areas ever undertaken in Adelaide!

AdamMax will provide speeds of up to 12Mbps, reaching from Gawler in the north to Sellicks in the south. These WiMAX services with ADSL2 comparable speeds will be able to reach residences previously unable to get broadband services, finally shining light on Adelaide's broadband blackspots.

Residences in broadband blackspots may be eligible for free setup. If you have tried to connect to broadband  and have been rejected, you may be eligible for a subsidised service under the Australian Government's Australian Broadband Guarantee program.

The AdamMax service has been made possible with the support of the Australian Government's Australian Broadband Guarantee Program and the Government of South Australia's Broadband Development Fund.

For more information regarding the Australian Broadband Guarantee program,
call 1800 883 488 or visit