Adam Internet are pleased to support the ForwardIT initiative, an online learning website designed to assist people that want to get more from the internet. Created by the Department of Further Education, Employment, Science and Technology (DFEEST), this website brings all the must know information about using the internet to one convenient location.

It is a perfect place for beginners to get acquainted with the idea of the internet, but also acts as a handy reference for those who want help with learning new skills and software to get the most out of their internet experience.

The ForwardIT website covers a broad range of topics from just getting started, to shopping online, staying safe online, how to use social media, how to use your tablet and much more.

If you are brand new to the internet, be sure to visit the ForwardIT "Getting Started" page. It explains what the internet is and how you can access it with an internet browser.

Greg Hicks, Executive Chairman of Adam Internet comments "ForwardIT is a fantastic initiative from DFEEST and we are very pleased to support this project. I would encourage anyone new to the internet, or wanting to update their skills on new software or devices to take the time to explore the website and their easy to follow guides".

ForwardIT also features resources for employees and small business to help them harness the benefits of technology in the workplace. Employees can learn about basic word processing, document management, using calendars, email and spreadsheets. The small business section focuses on developing a simple digital business marketing strategy, and highlights the importance of social media and the steps involved in setting up a business website.

The ForwardIT learning guides will give you the confidence and knowledge to take advantage of the internet to enhance your daily life. You can also follow ForwardIT on facebook to get access to new guides and resources as they are released.

To get started on ForwardIT go to