Adam Internet Pty Ltd ( plans the second phase of the Adam Data Centre, reaffirming their commitment to the State and Adelaide Business Community.

The Adam Data Centre was established in 2010 to provide organisations with a state of the art secure facility to store their data. The purpose built facility, designed to the Uptime Institutes tier 3 specifications has seen continual success and is now filled with local, national, and international organisations and government departments using the facility to ensure their data is secure.

Greg Hicks Founder and Executive Chairman of Adam Internet comments; “We first established the Adam Data Centre (ADC) in order to provide a local secure facility that can be used by Adelaide based organisations. The facility is purpose built, meaning that we can provide a state of the art facility, with high security and superior provisions in place to protect against fire, power outages and flood”.

The second stage of the Adam Data Centre is to incorporate the same high spec facilities of the first phase and will also incorporate a Disaster Recovery (DR) facility. This facility will enable organisations to effectively ‘hire’ space and resources in the unfortunate instance that their own offices and facilities are impacted by a disaster.
Organisations will be able to quickly move in to the Adam Data Centre and access their data, applications and maintain critical infrastructure until their business operations can return to normal.

Greg Hicks continues, “With recent environmental disasters across Australia and New Zealand it is becoming even more important for organisations to ensure they have a DR plan in place. Although it may seem unlikely for extreme disasters such as these to occur in Adelaide, organisations can still be impacted by local environmental factors such as in-building floods and power outages. Imagine the time wasted and cost to a business if staff are not able to access their offices, phone, email or standard business applications”.

Stage 2 of the Adam Data Centre not only expands the number of customers that can be supported, but also enables Adam Internet to provide services such as the Adam Business Cloud and DR support. The facility is in the early stages of development with an expected launch later in 2012.

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