Adam Internet Pty Ltd ( is pleased to announce that it has launched the Adam Business Cloud.

In partnership with BlueFire, the leader in the aggregation of Cloud based services throughout the Asia Pacific region the Adam Business Cloud delivers a unique service offering to Adelaide based organisations.

Greg Hicks Executive Chairman of Adam Internet comments, “We continue to strive for new ways that will assist our business customers to maintain growth, meet their ICT objectives and to make sure they remain competitive. In today’s market, forward thinking companies are looking to cloud solutions to not only increase efficiencies within their ICT organisation, but to reduce capital expenditure across the organisation. With this in mind, we are very pleased to be launching our Adam Business Cloud in partnership with BlueFire. This enables us to combine our data centre and internet solutions expertise with the market leading cloud solution”.

Located at the Adam Data Centre, the Adam Business Cloud offers a fully flexible comprehensive suite of features. Organisations can select the features that suit their business, depending on size, resources and future growth. As a company grows or wishes to retract resources, services can be added or removed – with the customer only paying for what they use.

The suite of features is designed to meet all organisations needs, regardless of size. This allows a small organisation to take services such as hosted back up, desktop and exchange, and for a large corporate or government organisation to combine multiple features such as performance storage and disaster recovery and continuation for a fully integrated solution.

Greg Hicks continues, “The Adam Business Cloud has been designed to enable both small and large organisations to benefit from a full feature suite of cloud services. The modular design enables organisations to stage their migration, adding modules as their business requires and is ready to migrate to a cloud solution. We believe this staged approach is key to a successful migration and truly enables an organisation to move existing in house infrastructure to a more dynamic solution. The migration from Capital Expenditure to Operating Expenditure is important for the sustained growth of any business, large or small, and the Adam Business Cloud provides the ideal mechanism to do so.”

What’s more, all features are backed up by 24/7 support and the market leading control panel function. The control panel interface enables an organisation to quickly and easily manage their ICT. The layered design enables an Office Manager or Administrator to easily manage individuals’ accounts and desktop applications, where as the more complex dashboard enables IT Managers to manage corporate accounts, security and storage.

Another unique characteristic is that the Adam Business Cloud is stored at the Adam Data Centre, in South Australia. This gives organisations confidence that not only is their data being stored locally, but is protected within a state of the art, purpose built facility.

Greg Hicks concludes, “It is important for us and many of our customers that the infrastructure and support remains within South Australia. We have seen a great success with the Adam Data Centre (ADC) and have recently announced that development on stage 2 has commenced. This next phase enables us to not only expand the capacity of the ADC, but to also offer enhanced services such as Disaster Recovery services. Combined with the Adam Business Cloud, customers can benefit from a fully integrated service”.

The Adam Business Cloud was officially launched on Friday 3rd March 2012. Several existing customers and prospect Adam Business Cloud customers came together for the launch event, including a short presentation by Scott Hicks, Managing Director of Adam Internet and Daniel Greengarten, Managing Director of BlueFire.

For further details on Adam Business Cloud, visit or call (08) 8423 4114.