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Netcomm NB16WV AdamTalk Setup Guide

This guide will walk you through setting up a AdamTalk service with the Netcomm NB16WV modem / router.

Note: This guide assumes that the NB16WV currently have to access the internet. If this is not the case please follow our Authentication Guide.

Step 1
Plug the power adapter to turn On the NB16WV.
Step 2
Allow 60 - 90 seconds for the NB16WV to power up.
Step 3
Connect your computer to any Ethernet port on the NB16WV.
Step 4
Open the web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari etc) on the computer, type in in the address bar and then press Enter. nb16wv_wireless
Step 5
Log into the modem by entering the Username 'admin' and the Password 'admin'.

The press the 'Login' button.
Step 6
If the 'First Time Setup Wizard' is displayed select 'No thanks, take me to the basic interface'.

Otherwise, click the 'Switch to VoIP/NAS view' link at the bottom right of the Basic View to get into to get into the VoIP View mode.
Step 7
Hover over SIP Setting in the top menu and then click Service Domain. nb16wv_wireless_1
Step 8
Set WAN Interface to Ethernet WAN.

Set Display Name, Username & Register Name to your VoIP phone number (e.g.08xxxxxxxx)

Set Register Password to your Adam VoIP password

Set Realm, Proxy Server, Registrar & Outbound Proxy to

Set Domain to

Set Use Outbound Server to Disable.

Press the Save button
Further Help: If you require further assistance, please contact the Adam Internet Help Desk on (08) 8423 4000 or email with as much detail as possible regarding the issue at hand.