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Netcomm NB6 Hardware Setup Guide

This guide will walk you through setting up the Netcomm NB6 modem for use with your Adam Internet Broadband service.

Introduction - How Broadband DSL Gets to Your Home

ADSL exchange diagram

ADSL is an Internet service that works by delivering data over the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN).

What this means from your end is the Internet comes into your home via the telephone wall sockets. In order for the signal to get to your computer, a device needs to translate this information into a form the computer can understand. This is the job of the modem.

Modem Features

The status lights on the front of the modem

The modem has a series of lights on the front to indicate the status of the modem at any given time.

Power On The modem is on and getting power.
Red Self-test Failure.
Off The modem is off or not getting power.
ADSL On ADSL Sync Success.
Flashing ADSL Training.
Off No ADSL signal, check phone line is connected.
PPP On ADSL Authentication Successful.
Off No ADSL Authentication.
Ethernet On The Ethernet connection is on this port is active.
Flashing Data is being transferred on this port.
Off There is no Ethernet connection on this port.
USB On USB port connected.
Flashing Data is being sent over the USB port.
Off USB port not connected.

The most important lights to monitor are the ADSL and PPP lights. If you are having issues accessing the Internet, always be sure to check these two lights. If either light is off then you will not be able to get online.

On the back of the modem are the connections and the reset button for performing a factory reset.

The ports on the back of the modem

How to Factory Reset

If at any time you need to start from the beginning you may factory reset the modem. This will wipe any settings you that have changed since the last time the modem was factory reset.

To perform a factory reset:

  1. Ensure the modem has been turned on for at least 10 seconds.
  2. Using a paperclip or pen tip, hold down the Reset button for 10 seconds and release. The modem will reset. Do not turn off the modem while this happens.
  3. When the modem has finished the reset process, the lights will be lit steady. This can take up to a minute.
  4. At this point you can reconfigure the modem as needed.

Connecting the Modem

This part of the guide will walk you through a basic setup of the hardware using one computer with an Ethernet connection.

nb6 lan diagram

Connecting the phone line for AdamDirect ADSL2+ and Adam Home ADSL services

nb6 adsl phone connection OR nb6 adsl phone connection
  1. Connect the supplied phone cable (RJ11) into the ADSL port on the modem and plug the other end into the vacant phone socket. If you are using an ADSL Filter Splitter, then connect the phone cable into the port labelled ADSL on the filter. Avoid using phone cables other than the one supplied with the modem, otherwise you may have connection problems.
  2. Connect the Ethernet (RJ45) cable to the Ethernet port on your computer. Plug the other end into the first LAN port on the back of the modem.
  3. Connect the power supply cable into the modem and plug the adaptor into a power point. Turn the power on and wait for the modem to power up.

Checking for Connection

Once you have connected the modem and it has powered up, check the ADSL light. If it is flashing then the modem has detected the ADSL signal and is synchronising (training). If the ADSL light is lit steady, it has finished this process and is ready to log into the Adam servers.

To set up the modem to login, please refer to the NB6 Login Setup Guide. You will need to do this before being able to access the Internet.

Further Help: If you require further assistance, please contact the Adam Internet Help Desk on (08) 8423 4000 or email with as much detail as possible regarding the issue at hand.