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Who to call to close an Adam account or change ownership

Just like all other matters involving your account, we need to complete an ID check before processing a cancellation or change of ownership.

  • To close an account, please call us on  1300 314 626.
  • To change ownership of your account, please call  13 22 58.
  • If you're overseas, you'll need to use our 24/7 international contact number,  +61 8 9214 2222, for all queries.

If you have no access to a phone service, you can also email This method is not recommended unless you have no other means to contact us because responses are slower and it requires back-and-forth correspondence to supply identification and confirm the details of your account closure.

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Who has the authority to close an Adam account or change ownership

Only someone listed on the account as a  Billing contact (account holder) may close an account or authorise a change in ownership.

Please note that if you have an Adam/iiNet landline phone service, only the person listed as the  Phone contact on the account may authorise the cancellation of a landline phone service because they are the Legal Lessee listed with our wholesale provider. In most cases, a Billing contact is also listed as a Phone contact on the account. In the rare case where the Phone contact is a different person, we'll need to contact them to authorise cancellation. If the Phone contact cannot be reached, please see the advice below about unreachable contacts.


If the account holder is unreachable

If you need to take control of an account via Power of Attorney or a similar scenario where the account holder is unable to manage their account, please call us on  13 22 58. We should be able to search for your account in our billing system and we can then advise what's necessary to gain access to the account information (such as a  Statutory Declaration).


Contracts and hardware rental agreements

If you cancel your service or change providers before your 24-month broadband and/or hardware rental agreement is complete, you may incur a contract break fee. The amount of these fees depend on how old your contract is. For example, if you cancel within the first 6 months, your contract break fee will be higher than if you were to cancel after 18 months. These fees are set out in the Pricing Schedule within our  Customer Relationship Agreement.

If you're uncertain about contract tenure or any applicable break fees for any of your Adam/iiNet services, please call us on  1300 314 626 - we'll be able to look it up for you in our billing system.


Hardware non-return fees

Even if your 24-month hardware rental agreement is complete, rental hardware remains the property of Adam/iiNet at all times. Unless we advise otherwise, it must be returned to us after cancelling your rental agreement.

Hardware non-return fees are applied when:

  • Rental hardware is not returned to us within 21 days of cancelling a rental agreement.
  • Faulty hardware is not returned to us within 21 days of claiming a replacement under our  General Equipment Warranty.

While processing your cancellation, our customer service rep will arrange the dispatch of a prepaid courier satchel you can use to return your rental hardware.

The amount of a hardware non-return fee is typically the full purchase price of the hardware. You can find hardware non-return fees in the Pricing Schedule within our  Customer Relationship Agreement.


Mobile handset payment plans

If you're paying off a mobile handset previously sold by iiNet in monthly instalments, there is no additional fee if you cancel or change providers. The lump sum of any unpaid instalments will simply be included on your final invoice.


Invoices after account closure

Adam/iiNet services are billed in advance. When you cancel a service, any unused amount you paid in advance will be  credited back to your Adam/iiNet account, calculated from your cancellation date onwards.

We must then wait for our billing system to raise your next invoice. Any credit on your Adam/iiNet account will be used to balance charges on your final invoice. If there's not enough credit to balance all of the charges, the remaining amount due can be paid in the same way you usually pay your Adam/iiNet invoices.

If any credit remains on your account after your final invoice has been paid, it can be  refunded to your nominated bank account or credit card. This should balance your Adam/iiNet account.

Note: If any charges accrue on your account after it has been balanced, such as a  hardware non-return fee, we may issue another invoice for these charges.


Invoices when changing account ownership

Our billing system cannot split charges between previous and current account holders. As soon as the new account holder is added to the account, they are responsible for paying the full amount of  all subsequent invoices and charges for the account,  including charges dated from before they date they took ownership.

Both parties are responsible for settling any amounts they owe each other amongst themselves.  iiNet will not mediate in any way; we will only issue the invoice for all charges due to the new account holder.

The potential new account holder will be informed of this risk by our customer service rep while processing the change of ownership. If either party doesn't feel comfortable, the change of ownership will not proceed. You can instead close your account and the other party may apply for a brand new account of their own.


What happens to Adam email addresses

The username of your Adam/iiNet broadband service is also a functional email address. Broadband services may also have up to 9 additional mailboxes attached to them at no extra cost. Mobile voice services are given one iiNet mailbox at no cost to use for Toolbox access.

If you cancel your broadband service/mobile voice or move it to another provider:

  • All email addresses attached to the service (including the broadband username) will be deleted.
  • You will no longer be able to send mail from or receive mail to the email addresses.
  • You will not be able to log in to  Toolbox or  Webmail.
  • You will not be able to download existing email from the mail server. If you have any important emails in your Adam mailbox, it is  vital that you save them to a folder on your computer. Your email program (e.g. Outlook) may not save existing emails locally on your computer, meaning you may not be able to read these emails in the future.


Continuing Adam email addresses as a standalone service

If you have no broadband or mobile services with Adam/iiNet, you may keep an Adam mailbox at a cost of $25 per year. Our friendly customer service rep will be able to arrange this for you while processing cancellation of your other services.


Moving house?

Just because you're moving house doesn't mean you need to cancel. We should be able to relocate your broadband services, even if you're switching from one kind of internet service to another. See our  Relocations FAQ.

Whenever you're moving house, you should always call our Support Team on  13 22 58 to advise us of the move so we can make sure things go smoothly. If you don't notify us of the move/cancellation, our billing system may continue to charge you for Adam/iiNet services connected at your old address.


If you leave services connected at your old address

If your broadband and/or landline phone services are left connected at your old address, the new owner/tenant may be unable to connect their own services at the address. As per the  Connect Outstanding process:

  1. They will supply Proof of Occupancy documents to the service provider trying to connect services for them.
  2. Their service provider will then contact us and request that the service(s) be disconnected.
  3. We will have 2 business days to attempt to contact you about the matter.
  4. If our attempts to contact you are unsuccessful, we must legally disconnect the service(s).
  5. Once a service is disconnected, you will not be able to relocate it or transfer it to another provider. It may be slower and/or more expensive to set up a brand new service with any service provider.


Moving overseas?

If you're already overseas and need to contact us, please call our 24/7 international contact number,  +61 8 9214 2222. If you're still in Australia, simply call us on  1300 314 626.


Advice for taking your modem overseas

All modems sold in Australia must pass  ACMA Compliance to be legally connected to Australian telecommunications infrastructure. Other countries will have their own telecommunications compliance requirements which your Australian modem may not necessarily meet. This means  your modem may not work overseas for reasons which may include electrical voltage, network requirements, service type incompatibility or other compliance regulations.

Internet Service Providers in your destination country will be able to provide you with information about the different types of internet services available in your area and what sort of hardware you'll need for a connection.

If you're not taking your Australian modem with you, be sure to  factory reset it before selling it or giving it away, or  recycle it responsibly.

Delivery Tracking

You can track your delivery from Adam by entering your tracking number below - you'll find this in the email that was sent when your order was dispatched.


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