Fibre to the Home (FTTH) is available to residents of Lochiel Park, Lightsview and Blakes Crossing.

Choose your Turbo Pack:

Pack Speed
Fast 25/5 Mbps
Faster 50/20 Mbps
Fastest 100/40 Mbps

Choose your plan:

Plan Monthly Fee Quota Cost / GB
4GB $45 4GB
20GB $50 20GB $2.50
100GB $60 100GB $0.60
250GB $60 250GB $0.60
500GB $60 500GB $0.60
1000GB $60 1000GB $0.60

Data Quota is provided on a on-peak (8am to 2am) off-peak (2am to 8am) basis.

Choose your setup:

Contract Period Setup Fee Hardware
24 months $50 Netcomm NB16WV
24 months $0 No router
12 months $150 Netcomm NB16WV
12 months $50 No router
No fixed term $250 Netcomm NB16WV
No fixed term $100 No router

You've chosen:

Monthly Fee
Turbo Pack
Cost per GB
Setup Fee
Contract Period
Minimum cost over contract period

As with every internet connection, your actual speeds may vary due to factors such as the age and specification of your computer, the capabilities of your modem and the condition of your home wiring. In addition, the internet sites you access could experience strong demand, which will affect the site's ability to serve you information as quick as your connection speed.

Netphone – phone without the phone line

Netphone is a phone service that works over your fibre connection. It costs an extra $9.95 per month, which includes all your local & national calls. You'll need a VOIP-enabled modem to use your Netphone service. You can even get all your calls to standard Australian mobiles as well as to landlines in selected international destinations included by adding one of our new Call Packs.

For more information, check out our Netphone page.

All Adam Internet Fibre to the Home plans come with:

All about your quota