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Billion 7800VDOX Wireless (Wi-Fi) Setup Guide

This guide will walk you through configuring the Wi-Fi on the Billion 7800VDOX.

Step 1
Plug the power adapter to turn on the Billion 7800VDOX.
Step 2
Allow 60 - 90 seconds for the Billion 7800VDOX to power up.
Step 3
Connect your computer to any Ethernet port on the Billion 7800VDOX.
Step 4
Connect your routers EWAN (Port 4) socket to the ethernet wall socket installed by NBN Co.
Before progressing to the next step ensure that the router has a solid Ethernet 4 light.
Step 5
Open the web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari etc) on the computer, type in in the address bar and then press Enter. Billion 7800VDOX 6
Step 6
Log into the modem by entering the Username admin and the Password admin.

The press the Login button.

Billion 7800VDOX 7
Step 7
On the left menu select Configuration. Billion 7800VDOX 8
Step 8
The from the left menu select Wireless 2.4G (wl0). Billion 7800VDOX 9
Step 9
Ensure that Wireless is Enabled.

Ensure that Hide SSID, Clients Isolation, Disable WMM Advertise and Wireless Multicast Forwarding are not Enabled.

Set SSID to whatever you want to call your wireless network.

Set Country to AUSTRALIA.

Set Max Clients to 16.

Click the Apply button.
Billion 7800VDOX 10
Step 10
Then, also from the left menu select Security under Wireless 2.4G (wl0). Billion 7800VDOX 11
Step 11
Set WPS to Disable.

Set Select SSID to what you called your wireless network (SSID).

Set Network Authentication to WPA2-PSK.

Set WPA/WAPI passphrase to the password that you wish to use for your wireless network.

Set WPA Group Rekey Interval to 0.

Set WPA/WAPI Encryption to AES.

Click the Apply button.

Your wireless network is now ready to be connected to.
Billion 7800VDOX 12
Further Help: If you require further assistance, please contact the Adam Internet Help Desk on (08) 8423 4000 or email with as much detail as possible regarding the issue at hand.