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Alvarion TE1088 Login Setup Guide

This guide will walk you through setting up the Alvarion TE1088 Wireless Networking Gateway to get access to the Internet. It is assumed that the device is operating as part of the Alvarion BreezeMAX PRO 5000 package supplied with AdamMax.

Configuring the Networking Gateway

  1. To start, open an internet browser window (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, etc.). The page will not finish loading, this is normal as we are not connected to the Internet yet.

    Internet browser window open, not connected.

  2. At the top of the browser window is the address bar, this may currently contain a website address such as:

    Delete this address entirely and type in the following number:

    Press Enter on the keyboard.

    Entering networking gateway IP address

  3. The System Status page for the Networking Gateway will display. In order to change settings on the Networking Gateway, a password will need to be entered.

    On the left-hand menu under System Password, type installer and click Log In.

  4. Once logged in the left-hand menu will change to an Administrator's Main Menu.

    On the left-hand menu, click Wizard.

  5. This will start the Setup Wizard which will help you setup the Networking Gateway. Click Next to start the wizard.

    For WAN Type, select PPP over Ethernet and click Next.

  6. For PPP over Ethernet settings, enter the following settings and click Next.:
    1. LAN IP Address:
    2. Account: (all lowercase)
    3. Password: your Adam password (all lowercase)

  7. The wizard will indicate that it is complete, click on Reboot to save the changes.

Further Help: If you require further assistance, please contact the Adam Internet Help Desk on (08) 8423 4000 or email with as much detail as possible regarding the issue at hand.