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Netcomm NB6+4W Wireless Setup Guide

This guide will walk you through setting up the Netcomm NB6+4W modem to get wireless access.

Wireless LAN, sometimes called Wi-Fi is an alternative to connecting your computer to your modem router using an Ethernet cable. It has the benefits of allowing computers connected to the modem router to move around freely within range of the modem. It does however require security to be set up to prevent any unwanted access.

Configuring the Modem for Wireless

  1. To start, open an internet browser window (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, etc.).

  2. At the top of the browser window is the address bar, this may currently contain a website address such as:

    Delete this address entirely and type in the following number:

    Press Enter on the keyboard.

    Entering modem IP address

  3. A login prompt will be displayed requesting a username and password. This is the modem username and password and is not to be confused with your Adam username and password.

    Enter the username admin and the password admin. Click OK.

    NB6+4W login prompt

  4. Once the browser has logged in, the Quick Start page will be displayed.

    On the top menu, click on Wireless.

    NB6+4W Quick Start page

  5. By default, the Wireless Basic Settings menu will load. If this is not the page you see, click on Basic Settings on the left-hand menu.

    In the Wireless Basic Settings menu, enter the following settings:

    1. Tick Enable Wireless Network
    2. Wireless Network Name (SSID): choose a network name

    Leave all other fields as default. Click on Apply to save the settings and then click on Security in the left hand menu.

    NB6+4W wireless setup page

  6. In the Wireless Security menu, enter the following settings:
    1. Select Wireless Network: the network name you chose
    2. Wireless Security: WPA2-PSK
    3. Data Encryption: AES
    4. Format: ASCII
    5. Pre-Shared Key: choose a strong passphrase (minimum 8 characters)

    Click Apply to save the settings.

    NB6+4W wireless security page

  7. The modem is now configured to broadcast and connect to wireless computers. If at any point you wish to change the key, simply follow this guide again to update it.

    If you wish to disable the wireless network, you can untick Enable Wireless Network in the Wireless Basic Settings menu(seen in step 5), this will prevent the modem from broadcasting a wireless signal.

    Please note that these settings are a guide only. Adam Internet accepts no responsibility for any network or security problems that may arise from weak or incorrectly configured wireless settings. It is your responsibility to ensure that your home network is secure and configured correctly for your hardware.

Connecting to the Modem

Locating and connecting to the wireless network will vary from computer to computer based on what operating system it has and whether or not it has a 3rd party connection utility (e.g. Acer eNet Management, Dell WLAN utility, etc.). This part of the guide will show an example of connecting to the wireless network using Windows Vista.
  1. Locate the network icon in the System Tray. Normally, this will be on the bottom right hand side of the screen near the clock. Right click on the icon and select Connect to a network.

    Connecting to a network using the network icon

  2. A window will appear titled Connect to a network. In our example the network is simply called My Wireless. If you have given your network a different name, then that is what you should search for in the list.

    Once the network has been located, click on the name to select it and then click Connect at the bottom of the window.

    Choosing which wireless network to connect to

  3. You will now be prompted for a passphrase, enter in the passphrase you chose when setting up the modem and click Connect. You will only need to do this the first time as the passphrase will be stored for future use until you change it on the modem.

    Entering the security passphrase

  4. The computer will now try to connect to the wireless network. If the key is valid and the network is in range it should connect. If the connection was successful, it will display the message Successfully connected to My Wireless.

    Connecting in progress

Further Help: If you require further assistance, please contact the Adam Internet Help Desk on (08) 8423 4000 or email with as much detail as possible regarding the issue at hand.