ServiceExternal Connectivity
Severity Serious
Outage ID 5435463
Type Fault
Location Australia
Symptoms Some customers may notice slower than expected speeds, latency and packet-loss to international destinations in Asia. This may result in webpages taking longer to load, as well as impact to time-sensitive activities such as online gaming.
Start Time 27/08/2017 15:40:02
Finish Time 10/10/2017 17:00:00
Last Updated 17/09/2017 06:22:50
Tech Summary A number of sub-sea links between Sydney and Hong Kong have been severed due to severe weather in Hong Kong. We have temporarily routed via the US and redirected peering whilst the issue is outstanding. The issue is ~54km off the coast of Hong Kong.
Notes Our network partner is currently engaged with submarine teams for initiation of repair process.