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ADSL Plans

$0 setup fee on a 24 month contract


WiFi modem included

Award winning customer service

Double your 4G mobile data


Australian service only. Netflix streaming membership, internet, and Netflix compatible device required. See Excludes all Satellite, NBN Wireless, Mobile Voice, Mobile Broadband and all Business customers. Not available in all areas. Mobile data offer excludes mobile broadband.

Check availability at your address

e.g. 117 King William St, ADELAIDE SA 5000

ADSL Broadband Plans

ADSL is our flagship internet service, with over 650,000 subscribers in Australia. As the second largest provider of ADSL broadband, we commit to delivering fast internet, great value and awesome customer service.

We have a range of ADSL broadband plans, where you can choose the amount of data you need, which phone bundle you want, and a whole range of other options that can be tailored to best suit you.

With our ADSL service you can not only enjoy great value plans, but a range of additional services. You will receive 10 email addresses with email protection against virus and spam threats, plus 1GB of webspace.

We also won't charge your for excess usage. Your service speed will simply be reduced, letting you know that you have reached your quota. If you do use up your monthly allowance, you can buy a data pack to keep you going until the next month.

ADSL broadband plans also have access to Adam Internet Freezone. Freezone gives you access to a range of music, sport and TV entertainment sites that won’t use up your monthly data allowance.

Check out the options below and find the perfect ADSL broadband package for you.

  • Adam Network ADSL2+

    our own network
  • Off-Net ADSL1&2+

    if you're outside our network
Adam Network ADSL2+ and Naked DSL broadband are available in your area.
Off-Net ADSL1 & 2+ broadband is available in your area.
Adam Network ADSL2+ is unavailable at your address. Check out our Off-Net ADSL1 & 2+ plans instead.
Better value Adam Network ADSL2+ and Naked DSL broadband are available in your area.
Please call our friendly sales staff on (08) 8423 4030 to discuss the broadband options available in your area.

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{{ getStepNumber("quota-options") }}. Choose your quota

  • {{ plan.Name }}

    {{ planQuotaLine(plan).quota }}

    {{ planQuotaLine(plan).tagline }}

    ${{ planQuotaLine(plan).costPerMonth }}per

    ${{ planQuotaLine(plan).costPerGB }} per GB

Available when you bundle with ${{ productInformation().HomePhone.Price }} Home Phone.

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  • NetPhone {{ productInformation().NetPhone.Name }}

    • Includes all your local and standard national calls
    • Great call quality and easy to use
    • Use as a low cost 2nd line
    ${{ productInformation().NetPhone.Price }}per
    Show call info Find out more about {{ productInformation().NetPhone.Name }}
    Calls to other Netphone numbers Included
    Local calls Included
    Standard national calls Included
    International calls From 5c/min View international call rates
    Calls to Australian mobiles 29c/min (per 30 second block)
    1300 and 13 numbers 30c untimed

    Add Call Packs

    Home Phone

    {{ productInformation().VoIPMobileCallPack.Name }}

    Includes all your calls to standard Australian landlines and mobiles. Find out more.

    ${{ productInformation().VoIPMobileCallPack.MonthlyPriceOnContract }}per month
    Home Phone

    {{ productInformation().VoIPInternationalCallPack.Name }}

    Includes all your calls to landlines in our Top 20 International destinations. Find out more.

    ${{ productInformation().VoIPInternationalCallPack.MonthlyPriceOnContract }}per month

{{ getStepNumber("modem-options") }}. Do you need a modem?

  • TG-1 Modem

    New kid on the block

    Our new entry level modem. Custom built with everything you need to get started.
    More info on TG-1 modem.

    ${{ modemCost('TechnicolorModemDsl', 'buy') }}upfront
  • NetComm Modem

    Just the basics

    Our basic modem. Fast, reliable performance with none of the frills and a great price.
    More info on NetComm modem.

    NetComm NB16WV-02 Modem Router with Voice
    ${{ modemCost('Netcomm', 'buy') }}upfront
  • No thanks, I have my own modem

    {{ isModemSelected('ByoModem') ? 'Selected' : 'Select' }}

Not sure if your existing modem is suitable?

We always recommend our Included WiFi modem, which is easy to setup and works with Adam TV & AdamTalk.

If you have a modem that you've used to connect to ADSL Broadband previously though, there's a good chance you'll still be able to use that device to get online.

It's best to consult the manual for your current modem, check online, or even call us, as there may be some limitations with your device, for example;

  • May be locked to your previous provider
  • May not be capable of ADSL2+ speeds
  • Not compatible with other products like AdamTalk & Adam TV

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Bundle bonus: you're saving {{ getPlanBonus() }} a month on broadband and you've doubled your quota.
You can save {{ getPlanBonus() }} a month on broadband and double your quota by bundling with Home Phone!
Bundle bonus: you're saving {{ getPlanBonus() }} a month on broadband and you've doubled your quota. {{getSelectedPlan().Name}}
You can save {{ getPlanBonus() }} a month on broadband and double your quota by bundling with Home Phone!

Your plan: {{ signUpSummary().oneLineSummary() }}

Minimum total cost {{ signUpSummary().contract() }} is ${{ signUpSummary().totalCost().minOverContract }} (${{ signUpSummary().planFees().Price }} monthly {{ signUpSummary().planDetails().Name }} plan fee x {{ signUpSummary().contractMonthOneLiner() }}{{ signUpSummary().activationFeeOneLiner() }}{{ signUpSummary().phoneCostOneLiner() }}{{ signUpSummary().callPackCostOneLiner() }}{{ signUpSummary().modemOneLiner() }}). {{ isModemSelected('ByoModem') ? "This does not include the cost of a modem or any optional extras not listed above which may be added or removed from time to time." : "This does not include any optional extras not listed above which may be added or removed from time to time."}} {{ isPhoneServiceSelected('HomePhone') ? "Telephone connection fees may apply." : "" }}
  • Peak Period: {{ signUpSummary().planDetails().PeakPeriod }}
  • Off-Peak: {{ signUpSummary().planDetails().OffPeakPeriod }}
  • Shaped Speed: {{ signUpSummary().planDetails().ShapedSpeed }} Learn more
  • Shaping is the term used to describe the slowing of a connection that’s exceeded its allocated monthly download allowance.

    • Connections with Anytime quota will be shaped once the total allocated allowance has been reached.
    • For connections featuring Peak and Off-Peak quota, shaping’s only applied to the period in which the allowance has been reached.

    We never charge excess usage fees on plans featuring shaping, but you can always purchase a Data Pack to replenish your quota and get back to full speed.

Your total:

${{ signUpSummary().totalCost().monthly }}per

+ ${{ signUpSummary().totalCost().upfront }} upfront cost

+ ${{ signUpSummary().totalCost().activation }} upfront activation fee

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All Adam Internet Residential Broadband DSL plans come with

  • Freezone Adam Internet Freezone
    Music, sport & tv entertainment
  • Email 10 email addresses
    1GB webspace
  • Internet Security Complimentary email protection
    against virus & spam threats
  • Shaping No excess quota usage charges
    We simply shape all excess use
  • Customers Local customer service
    Support when you need it most.
  • Services Contract flexibility
    Contract flexibility

Data packs

If you go over your quota, you can buy a Data Pack to keep your going for the rest of the month. You can purchase a Data Pack through Adam Internet Toolbox


provides 10GB
extra usage


provides 20GB
extra usage


provides 50GB
extra usage


provides 100GB
extra usage


provides 200GB
extra usage

Learn more about our data packs.

What is the Freezone

Freezone is a hand-picked set of sites, servers and entertainment you can visit without using up your monthly quota. Better still, if the unthinkable happens and you do max out your quota, you can still access the Freezone at full speed.

Visit the Adam Internet Freezone

Is this your first time buying broadband?

To get your broadband up and running, you'll need in your home:

  • Phone Phone line
    An active phone landline so your broadband hardware can connect to the internet. If you get your phone through us, we reward you with extra quota each month. Check out our home phone plan.
  • Broadband modem
    This is the box that connects you to the internet, via your phone line. We recommend our $0 WiFi modem because it's easy to set up and works with Adam TV and Netphone.
  • Hardware Central filter
    This little gadget plugs into your phone so the internet doesn't drop out when you make phone calls. We'll send you one of these with any modem you purchase from us.

Terms summary

  • Our standard setup fee of $79.95 applies to all plans unless otherwise specified.
  • Bundle your broadband service with a landline phone for 24 months and save on your setup fee:
    • Adam Network customers will have their setup fee waived - saving $79.95.
    • Off-net customers will be charged a $39.95 setup fee - saving $40.
  • When you sign up for a 24-month contract, you'll receive a new WiFi modem for $0, or a discount if you choose to purchase one of our other modems.
  • You'll need an active phone service for your broadband connection - bundling broadband with Home Phone gives you extra quota each month on all plans.
  • Both uploads and downloads count towards your monthly quota.
  • If you exceed your quota, your download speed is shaped for the remainder of your billing month.
  • You may switch between our broadband plans at any time without incurring contract break fees. A plan change fee applies when switching to a plan of equal or lesser value.
  • Home Phone and Call Packs are subject to our Acceptable Use Policy
  • If you are connecting a new line please note that we are unable to confirm DSL eligibility until your new phone service is connected. In the event that your chosen broadband service is not available then we will contact you to discuss your options. Any costs such as phone line connection fees, line rental and usage charges will still apply for the duration of the newly connected phone service.

For more information, please refer to our terms, fees & guarantees.

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