A $6 million data centre designed to assist South Australian businesses with disaster recovery will be opened in October by leading Internet Service Provider (ISP), Adam Internet.

The centre, to be located in Mile End, is being developed in response to overwhelming demand for a facility located outside of the Adelaide CBD.

The space will provide Government, corporate and small business with server storage - offering 100 per cent secure data through direct links to the Mile End data centre. It will also provide for up to 100 Call Centre workstations, ensuring disaster recovery capability for organisations that can relocate key staff to the Adam Internet data centre at short notice.

"For some time now, organisations in this state have been demanding superior levels of business continuity support from their ISPs, and we felt it was time these calls were met," said Adam Internet Managing Director, Scott Hicks.

"We already have one data centre in operation, but there is a chronic lack of storage space in the SA market and we have had lots of businesses coming to us - particularly during the past few months - saying they need help but there is no one who can offer it. Soon, we will be able to.”

"The Adam Internet data centre will cater for businesses of all sizes and will address the requirements of government and industry sectors. It will also be a carrier neutral facility and we expect all of the country's major telecommunications companies to have a point of presence in the centre by the end of 2009."

Mr Hicks said the facility had undergone an extraordinary amount of disaster proofing, making it one of the safest locations in the state for businesses to store critical data and information.

In addition to guarding the centre against natural disasters, Adam Internet has installed four different levels of security – key card, key, pin code access, as well as biometric hand scanning - creating one of SA's most protected buildings.

Development plans also allow for rapid expansion of the 2000sqm premises, which will provide up to 350 low and high-density racks from the day the centre opens.

"Single high-density racks in the centre will allow for up to 8kW of power," said Mr Hicks. "I believe no facility in SA currently allows for that much power in a single rack, so these are the only ones of their type in use in the State."

Adam Internet has also incorporated environmentally friendly principles in the centre's design, with energy efficient cooling and power options being utilised.